Better EFTPOS Solution in Perth with Integrated EFT

We help our clients fix the bank stuff.

EFTPOS Solution Perth Providing Stand Alone or Integrated EFTPOS Services & Support for your Point of Sale & Online Business

Visa / MasterCard
Blended Rate 0.75-1.1% or *0.15c for debit cards

plus options for these cards below.

EFTPOS Solution Perth

A Better EFTPOS Solution. Historically in Australia, Eftpos Terminals have been controlled and supported by the BIG Banks, which has forced small business to be subjected to high prices and poor service.

NETCorp POS has partnered with Windcave to provide Local and reactive support and truely competitive pricing to save time and money.

Most Importantly NETCorp POS using Windcave allows consolidation of Online Sales, InApp Sales, and OTC sales to be linked to one Merchant ID. Providing Integrity with Banking Services. Because we understand the importance of integrated solutions that are locally supported.

Send us your last EFT invoice and we will surprise you with a very competitive rate.

* with LCR – Least Cost Routing activated

A Better EFTPOS solution will reduce costs and increase revenue.

Dont allow your business to be tethered to an eftpos service that is sub-standard. We believe it is time to have a real and fully supported EFTPOS Solution with LOCAL Support.

Poor support and high fees can be eliminated by adopting NETCorps Premiere EFTPOS Solution

Latest Technology
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Customized Payment Gateway Strategy

Most business require multiple methods of Payment, either in Store, via an App at the table, or via a website for Ecommerce purchases. 

NETCorp and Windcave EFTPOS Solutions Perth have build one platform to accumulate all transactions in one solution.  It’s That Simple.

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What Else Can We Do For You ?


Ecommerce Websites

NETCorp Builds Website Solutions with Integrated Payment Gateway That seamlessly integrates to your Bricks and Mortar Venues


IOS / Android Sales Apps

Fully Branded Home Delivery / Order at table App technology to grow your business without the high cost of Alternative Systems


Managed Services

NETCorp Provides a cost effective IT Support Solution to protect your business agains Online Fraud, Viruses & Ransomware. Comprehensive Cyber Security and Backup Services

NETCorp has depth and expertise with Windcave EFTPOS Solution

For too long we have been forced to tape together all the IT components required to do business with a variety of different systems, and vendors.

NETCorp is the integration conduit to connect all the essential components with effective management tools for full visibility

Link your Windcave EFTPOS Solution to the following Banking Services with same day reconcilliation.

With eftpos by card or Apple Pay, it’s easy to make fast, easy and secure payments or get cash out on the go. With eftpos you also have the added convenience of real time balances, helping you stay on top of your spending.Windcave will clip on to your normal  Bank or other Financial Institution including:

  • ANZ
  • Commonwealth Bank
  • Westpac
  • Suncorp
  • St. George, Bank of Melbourne and BankSA
  • ME Bank
  • Bendigo Bank
  • Cuscal sponsored credit unions and banks:
    • 86400 Ltd
    • Australian Mutual Bank Limited
    • Australian Unity Bank Limited
    • AWA Alliance Bank
    • Bank Australia Limited
    • Bank of Sydney
    • BDCU Alliance Bank
    • Beyond Bank Australia
    • Broken Hill Community Credit Union Limited
    • Central Murray Credit Union Limited
    • Central West Credit Union
    • Circle Alliance Bank
    • Community First Credit Union Limited
    • Credit Union Australia Limited
    • Credit Union SA Limited
    • Defence Bank Limited
    • Fire Service Credit Union Limited
    • First Option Bank Ltd
    • Geelong Bank – Proprietary Cards Only
    • Goldfields Money Limited
    • Goulburn Murray Credit Union Co-Op Limited
    • Horizon Credit Union Limited
    • Illawarra Credit Union Limited
    • Laboratories Credit Union Limited
    • Mystate Bank Limited
    • Northern Inland Credit Union Limited
    • Orange Credit Union Limited
    • P&N Bank
    • People’s Choice Credit Union Limited
    • Police Bank Limited
    • Police Credit Union Limited
    • RACQ Bank
    • Regional Australia Bank
    • Service One Alliance Bank (including Nova Alliance Bank)
    • South West Slopes Credit Union Limited
    • Teachers Mutual Bank Limited
    • The Mac
    • Unity Bank Limited
    • Warwick Credit Union
    • WAW Credit Union Co-Operative Limited
    • Woolworths Employees Credit Union Limited