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Your Success is our Business with 30+ yrs POS Industry Experience

Our motivation is in creativity and flexibility to always excel for our clients.

In the same way you build your business with your personality, flair and energy. We strive to provide our customers with strength in innovation and design.

NETCorp POS, is part of The NETCorp Family that includes, Full IT Managed Services, Web Design and PBX Services.

We have 30+yrs  POS Industry Experience

Established in 2007, NETCorp has grown to encompass all the convergent technologies within the world of IT for the SME Market.

We understand what is needed for managing a business and always endeavour to support our valued customers. The technologies we promote are all designed to add value and encourage our customers businesses to thrive.

We look forward to working with you, by providing the best products with the best support, at the best price.

Leslie Rayment
Managing Director – Managed Services
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Vaughan Stott
POS / EFTPOS Specialist
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Why should you consider NETCorp as your next POS Partner?

Having been involved in the Retail and Hospitality Industries for many years, both as a POS user and POS support agency we understand how important it is in the selection process for a POS system that the company behind the POS has the right pedigree. Although we are a new business bringing a new POS solution to Australia, we have chosen to promote a world leading POS solution from the UK. that has incredible pedigree. 

Having sold POS in NZ and in Australia since 1989. I have seen many products, some good some bad and some downright ugly. But as a customer it is always a challenge to find the one that really works for you. All POS Solutions are not equal. and unfortunately the sale usually goes to the POS company that has the most charming sales person. 

Support, support, support.  This is so often overlooked when purchasing a POS System, because the reality is we never think of the what ifs, only the “I need something now thats perceptively cheap”. When everything comes to a grinding halt because of an IT problem, it is comforting to know that someone has your back. 

NETCorp wanted to find a POS product that really had strength, reliability and pedigree. Tevalis – is that product and we are very excited to be able to partner with Tevalis and finally bring this locally supported solution to Western Australia.