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We support our clients and assist them in bringing their smartphone app Perth to life. 

QJumper App Feature Highlights:

NETCorp Smartphone App Perth creates branded apps that are an extension of your business, branded with your logos and colours and named after your business. So your logo is on your customer’s phone,


Crazy Fact - People on average open their phones 150 times per day


Order control – you can control how many orders you receive over a period of time, You wont all of a sudden get overwhelmed with orders.  This allows you have full control of wait times to maintain quality.


Push Notifications - NOT EXPENSIVE SMS – This function sends a message to one or all of your customers and is used to let the customer know their order is ready and for marketing.  For example, letting your customer know about specials, this approach works very well in conjunction with social media posts.


Multiple Locations - Including separate menus, options and prices and accounts for funds to be deposited.

Payments are processed through your own payment gateway straight into your bank account, just like an over the counter Credit Card transaction.


Loyalty – This replaces loyalty cards your customers carry and can connect to their existing customer account in Tevalis POS.


Industries Serviced – We Custom Build APPs for Hosptiality, Retail, Pharmacy, infact any business that wants to simplify connection with its clients through Utilising Technology that everyone uses everyday.

QJumper Smartphone App - Integration with Tevalis

Order Types: QJumper has been designed to handle multiple types of orders to suit different scenarios;


- Click & Collect

- Order to table

- Order to room

- Delivery options which includes a configurable interface to enable you to handle your own delivery process, potentially saving significant cost.


Specifics of this feature include:

- Configurable delivery radius

- Customisable availability so delivery can be available at different time

- Click & Collect Control how many delivery orders can be received over a certain period of time

- Email notification with delivery details, if you would like a copy of the order to be sent to a delivery partner or driver

- Address verified via Google API so no getting lost in transit!

- Delivery Fee Surcharge where you can define a delivery fee when orders are made this way to be added to the customer order

- Receiving App which is webbased and allows full control of Products, Options and Images visible in the APP. This will Show when the Order was placed


So that’s what your customers will expect to experience once you’re live with Smartphone Android and IOS Solutions, but what about your staff and their interface?


We have that catered for via our receiving app, that comes with your QJumper solution.

What We Do

All our solutions are customised to each Type of Business.

We understand what it takes to build a streamlined system that is simple and easy to use, but also provides all the business intelligence required. Not compromising anything to deliver exactly what a business requires.

Your Branding                          Your Colours                        Your Products.

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