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The POS you currently use whether its SwiftPOS, MPOS, BEPOZ, Pixelpoint, StarPOS, Triniteq, Idealpos, Menumate, Ordermate, RedCAT, H&L or something similar have been useful solutions that addressed the market well for the last decade, but moving forward their architecture is limited because they were not designed for change.

Tevalis on the other hand was designed to be an ecosystem, it truely is the best point of sale system for small business, with integrations and internal functionalities that ease the burden of doing business, and reduces the total cost of business. Expect to see dramatic cost savings by considering Tevalis.  We can move your business to Tevalis and mimic the current solution in screen design and function whilst bringing new functionality you need at the most competitive price.  Also bundle with our compelling Best POS EFTPOS solution and it could all be done for free.

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Fast Service - Low Cost

NETCorp POS, Tevalis(POS) and Windcave(EFTPOS)  providing POS Systems to pubs, bars, clubs and bottlestores. We understand you require an efficient, powerful and easy to use Point of Sale system. Tevalis POS will ensure speed of service and profitability always remains high, especially during those peak operating times. 

To ensure that every pub, bar or club operation achieves greater performance, NETCorp Tailors every solution to meet all specific businesses requirements.

A Tailored POS System including;

  • time saving functionalities
  • Locally Supported 
  • Cost Effective EFT Services
  • Enterprise Reporting tools. 

Are you an independent pub landlord searching for a simple, powerful Point of Sale set up? Or a multi-site bar group looking for a bespoke suite of connected platforms? 

If you are then NETCorp is able to provide the complete solution.

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What Can We Do For You ?

Handheld Ordering

Tevalis will Increase speed of service with an intuitive Handheld Ordering platform called TevX. TevX was developed to help teams decrease time spent at the POS and more time tending to customers by taking and processing orders on the move.
More time with the customers will enable increased sales and customer satisfaction.


Business Analytics

A Tevalis POS System will allow you to easily understand how your business is performing allowing you to fine tune and control all the aspects of your business including sales profitability , Stock Ordering, Roster Management, Staff Performance by utilising the Tevalis Business Analytics module.
Accessed through the cloud, management and head office have access to hundreds of detailed reports for increased transparency into Sales and Service. How much time is spent on analysing your business financial position. Tevalis provides a toolset that allows a business manager make the best decisions through automated reports.


Integrated Payments

An average sale takes over a 20 seconds to process, which during a busy shift can take up a lot of time. In pubs, bars and clubs, it’s critical that customers are served quickly and efficiently. Therefore, with our integrated payment platforms, this is reduced to just 2-3 seconds, meaning you can be sure to increase speed of service.


IOS / APPs for Table Service or Delivery

A Tevalis POS System brings together a functional solution to put menus at the table, on your customers smartphones. With integrated ordering through the POS and automatic payments via Windcave integrated into our Tevalis POS System

Do You need a POS System because you want To Boost Your Business?

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